"Evaluate your lifestyle and do not buy anything out of impulse"- Joline from The Sustainability Project.

In our first blog entry, we celebrate one of our retail partners Jolene, and her admirable mission to drive a zero-waste movement in Singapore. The Sustainability Project is a Singapore-based business which aims to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle in your life. This is done through 3 arms to – Educate, Transform and Inspire.

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Joline From Sustainability Project Singapore

What drove you to start The Sustainability Project?

TSP started because I wanted to share my passion through writing, to let people read more about sustainability based on my own experience. After which, I felt that it was slightly difficult to find zero or low waste products in Singapore when you are trying to lead the lifestyle. That was when the retail arm of TSP started out. I moved on to do talks, workshops and trips to educate people about sustainability. Essentially, I am trying to drive a zero waste movement in Singapore by providing valuable content and sharing the knowledge with everyone.

What's been your biggest takeaway so far?

Running a business that revolves around sustainability is pretty tough but definitely fulfilling.

Sustainability In Singapore

How do you set personal and business sustainability goals for 2020?

Honestly, TSP is a passion driven business and the ideas are always when I have this sudden idea and inspiration to do something. For example, raising funds for amazon with every meat free dish that our followers tag us in to encourage people to take a conscious step. 

Essentially, my goal is to make sustainable living easy in Singapore and make it mainstream as well. 

What sustains you personally as you pursue these goals?

My passion for creation care. It would not feel right if I do not spread the importance of conserving the environment and making positive change. 


Stasher & Sustainability
How would you encourage someone wanting to live more sustainably, but may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
Start small and never underestimate the power you have to help Mother Earth! Always read up first before making any decision and be open to learn about issues about the environment. Evaluate your lifestyle and do not buy anything out of impulse.
What do you stash in your Stasher?
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