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Looking for retail distribution for your brand in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia?

We are the official distributor for a growing range of international brands - Stasher, W&P Porter and Bee's Wrap.

Our criteria for judging which homeware brands make it onto into our portfolio is simple.

  • Does it make our life better – better designed, fun to use, better than less-sustainable or single-use alternatives?
  • Is it best-in-class quality and durable / reusable – therefore minimising waste?

If your brand or product fits this criteria, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" link below.



Looking for order our products on wholesale for your retail store?

We'd love to help with wholesale purchases. Ergo are the officially licensed sole distributor for Bee's Wrap, Stasher and W&P in Singapore (and a few other Southeast Asian territories).

Please get in touch with more details about your store via the "Contact Us" link below.

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