About Us

ERGO was set up as the go-to platform for discovering wonderful brands and products that make our life and our planet better.

We are the official distributor for a growing range of international brands - Stasher, W&P Porter and Bee's Wrap. 

Our criteria for judging which brands make it onto our store is simple. 

  1. Does it make our life better – better designed, fun to use, better than alternatives?
  2. Is it best-in-class quality and durable / reusable – therefore minimising waste? 

By focusing on the quality of the design, reusability and the desirability of the products, we want to change people’s perceptions that the cheaper and wasteful single-use choices of the past are easier or better. 

Tim Wetton

Tim Wetton is a typical human being. Before founding ERGO, he enjoyed a typical career path and a typical social life. He worked hard, enjoyed social gatherings with friends, and built a lovely home with his wife. He chose home products from the typical channels just like everyone else. 

One day he and his wife made a choice to use an alternative to single use plastic sandwich bags (which they were going through at an alarming rate). They chose a new silicone, re-sealable and reusable option. It was more expensive, but it was reusable and seemingly indestructible. It also looked cool and was of a higher quality. It sealed perfectly time after time. 

They decided to ditch the single use plastic and stick to a small range of these reusable Stasher alternatives. They quickly realised that investing in high quality design made their lives easier and better. Their decision, also, had a significant impact on their ability to reduce wastage. Tim thought to himself, “If this was such an easy way for my family to change our habits, couldn’t other people move away from the ‘just throw it away’ mentality that pervades our society?” 

By choosing something that has a higher quality and a better design, that is longer lasting and improves their day-to-day life, they had almost unknowingly supported a ‘better for the planet’ cause. With none of the pressure and compromise that is sometimes associated with being more eco-conscious. 

What if we not only made choices that are better for a typical human being but also that helped everyone to do better for the planet too?

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